The Coffee Cantata, BWV 211 (Bach) 2019

(adaptation and re-orchestration by Alize)

About: In this modern adaptation, Alize transforms the primary character relationship entirely to that of a hip, urban couple fighting over coffee addiction and cafe expenditures, rather than a father and daughter. Linguistically, the libretto respects German vowel choices and stresses which Bach set musically, offering a playfully hilarious English-language setting which captures the spirit and nature of Bach's original work, while providing modern audiences a scenario with which they can more fully relate. The big question is: does she ditch coffee, or the man?



-House Music Philadelphia, May 2019, presented as part of the ADDICTION double-bill

-Video Below: Alter Ego Chamber Opera, September 2019, presented as part of the OPERATIC ADDICTIONS double-bill at the Philadelphia Fringe Festival. 

Pierrot Lunaire (Schönberg) 2015 (translation/adaptation)

About: Utilizes German text which Schönberg set, by Otto Erich Hartleben, while paying tribute to original source poetry by Albert Giraud, to create a fantastical, visceral, modern English-language performance option. 



-Video Below: Curtis Institute of Music with Duende Ensemble, myself as the vocalist, at the Kimmel Center Innovation Studio, December 2015

-ENA Ensemble (selections), Philadelphia February 2019

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