Phony (David Matthew Brown) 2019 

About: A couple sits down to dinner and discovers the ways in which their gross reliance and overuse of technology has destroyed their blossoming relationship -- or never allowed it to fully form in the first place. In this micro-opera for two voices and cameo, Phony explores the ways in which technology has harmed our ability to connect, as well as sustain a deeply meaningful, and truly human relationship with the person who should feel the closest to us. 



-Concert Performance with House Music Philadelphia, May 2019, presented as part of the ADDICTION double-bill

-Staged Premiere with Alter Ego Chamber Opera, September 2019, with the Philadelphia Fringe Festival in the ADDICTION double-bill

Alter Ego Chamber Opera, September 2019, presented as part of the Philadelphia Fringe Festival

Conductor: David Matthew Brown ; Direction: Kaitlyn Waterson; Heather: Alize Rozsnyai, Heath: Thomas Sitzler; Claude: Timothy Faulkner; Harpsichord and Rehearsal Pianist: Irene Moretto; Violin: Bronwyn Beth Livezey; Electric Guitar: Will Brobston; Soprano Saxophone: Aaron Stewart; Viola: Emma Hey; Electric Bass: Amber Kowal

Video by David Matthew Brown

Potentialite (Music by Roger A. Martinez) 2019 

About: Mel, a 25-year-old physical scientist living alone in a highrise apartment building, is at the end of her wits, and seeks desperate measures to end her life. She encounters her doppelganger in an elevator, who draws upon her knowledge of the law of potential energy in order to save her life.



ENA Ensemble, July 2019, presented as part of Serial Opera series, #5

Conductor: Evan Kassof ; Mel 1: Brenna Markey, Soprano; Mel 2: Katie Procell, Soprano;

Flute: Chelsea Meynig; Viola: Jennifer Boorum; Vibraphone: Andrew Henry

Audio Recorded by Michael Shingo Crawford,  Video by Robert Hedges-Goettl

Ripples (Seeking Composer) 2019 

About: A grandmother and granddaughter, both artists, reflect on the ways that artists see the world and feel the passion and burden of being a creative, as well as exploring ideas of immortality through their work. The grandmother, who is terminally ill, reflects what it means to leave a legacy. This work offers unique perspective from a life well-lived, and the importance of knowing one’s self-worth aside from anyone else’s recognition.


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