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lisa's aria, "what divine flavor" (adaptation of "Ei! wie schmeckt der Coffee süße"), from bach's the coffee cantata - adaptation by Alize rozsnyai, performed with Alter Ego Chamber Opera at the Philadelphia fringe festival; with Aaron Stewart wailing fabulously on soprano saxophone (traditionally flute)

Heather in an Excerpt from Phony by David Matthew Brown, Libretto by Alize Rozsnyai;

with Alter ego chamber opera at the Philadelphia Fringe Festival; with Thomas Sitzler as Heath and Timothy Faulkner as Claude, the waiter

elisa's aria, "Alla selva, al prato, al fonte", from mozart's I il re pastore 

Phyllis' arietta, "For Riches and Rank I do not long" from iolanthe, filmed at the International Gilbert & Sullivan Festival in Harrogate, England

Hilda's aria, "Ah! Snow falls", from H. W. Henze's Elegy for Young Lovers with Curtis Opera Theatre collab. at Opera Philadelphia

Almirena's aria, "Bel piacere", from Handel's Rinaldo with Curtis Opera Theatre

Belinda's character in Dido and Aeneas performs Berio's Sequenza III, fearing Dido's impending doom, staged as part of Dido + with Curtis Opera Theatre

The Smart Set (Cabaret) by Mischa Spoliansky, performed with Duende and students from the Curtis Institute of Music at the Kimmel Center Innovation Studio

Venus' song "i'm a stranger here myself" from One touch of Venus by Kurt WEill

Paint Me, an original song co-written by Alize with her first band, The Fancy Balloons,   (homemade studio recording)

Paint Me - The Fancy Ballons
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