Vocal Mastery Voice Studio West Philly

Alize's Voice Studio is based in West Philadelphia. She is a pedagogical nerd, and has served on the faculties of Curtis Summerfest, The Philadelphia School, South Philadelphia High School, and Soul Music & Performing Arts Academy in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. She has maintained a private voice studio in Philadelphia since 2012.


A versatile vocalist and teacher, she has performed in operas, musicals, pop vocal competitions, jazz, and as lead singer-songwriter of the band, The Fancy Balloons.


Mission Statement: 


To bring lyrical theatre arts, ranging from historic to new experimental and avant-garde to people of diverse backgrounds in order to enrich, inspire, and unite. 


Teaching Philosophy: 


I employ a variety of strategems depending on what type of learner you are: Auditory, Visual, Kinesthetic, or most commonly, a combination. I utilize body mapping and a lot of physical gestures, as well as pictures and diagrams in order to convey both the very tangible and less tangible ideas behind healthy vocal technique and expression. 


I enjoy giving my students sufficient tools for their toolbox to be able to make the artistic choice of how a note should be sung and approached, across a variety of vocal genres, and my goal is to never complete a lesson with a student having unanswered questions.


Ultimately, I embrace the philosophy of my alma mater, The Curtis Institute of Music: "Learn by doing." Singing is truly a window to the soul, so sing with joy and love the process.


Additionally, I invite inquiries from any students looking for advice on conservatory attendance or advanced music study, and I have an open-door policy to help guide anyone in need of advice. Please feel free to send me an email.


To find out rates and book a lesson, email me: