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Alize's Voice Studio is based in West Philadelphia, and now remote. She is a pedagogical nerd, and has served on the faculties of Curtis Summerfest, The Philadelphia School, South Philadelphia High School, and Soul Music & Performing Arts Academy in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. She has maintained a private voice studio in Philadelphia since 2012, and teaches beginning piano as well.

Alize believes in educating her students in the most well-rounded manner possible, including musical training of basic theory, aural skills and ear training, and basic piano navigation for all of her students, regardless of whether their primary focus is  in voice or piano. 

When a musician has confidence in all of the fundamentals, their true artistry and creativity can shine through.


A versatile vocalist and teacher, she has performed in operas, musicals, pop vocal competitions, jazz, and as lead singer-songwriter of the band, The Fancy Balloons.


Mission Statement: 


To bring lyrical theatre arts, ranging from historic to new experimental and avant-garde to people of diverse backgrounds in order to enrich, inspire, and unite. 


Teaching Philosophy: 


I employ a variety of strategems depending on what type of learner you are: Auditory, Visual, Kinesthetic, or most commonly, a combination. I utilize body mapping and a lot of physical gestures, as well as pictures and diagrams in order to convey both the very tangible and less tangible ideas behind healthy vocal technique and expression. 


I enjoy giving my students sufficient tools for their toolbox to be able to make the artistic choice of how a note should be sung and approached, across a variety of vocal genres, and my goal is to never complete a lesson with a student having unanswered questions.


Ultimately, I embrace the philosophy of my alma mater, The Curtis Institute of Music: "Learn by doing." Singing is truly a window to the soul, so sing with joy and love the process.


Additionally, I invite inquiries from any students looking for advice on conservatory attendance or advanced music study, and I have an open-door policy to help guide anyone in need of advice. Please feel free to send me an email.

At this time, remote lessons are preferred, and Alize teaches via Zoom. Any questions? just ask.



30 minutes for $30

45 minutes for $45

60 minutes (recommended) for $50

1 hour 30 minutes for $75

20 minute brush-up (established students only) for $20

Beginning Piano, Aural Skills, and Acting:

30 minutes for $25

45 minutes (recommended) for $40

60 minutes for $45

Reach out to me at to schedule a lesson, or access my lesson scheduling calendar here.

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